On Tap

Beer  List - February 2023

16oz Pints - $7.50 | 5oz Flight - $3.00

Flights available in 5 or 12 trays unless otherwise requested


Core Beers

German Pils

4.5% | 25 IBU

Crisp - Bready - Orange 

Classic German style Pils mixing traditional German malt and yeast with modern German hops and techniques


6.0% | 50 IBU

Mango - Hazy - Hoppy

American IPA dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado, gives a mango and citrus punch

Guava Lime Blonde

4.0% | 15 IBU

Juicy - Tart - Approachable

Light Blonde Ale blended with guava puree and lime juice to create a juicy and sessionable treat


Haze Series

Orange Haze

5.0% | 15 IBU

Tangerine - Citrus - Full Bodied 

American Wheat Ale blended with tangerine and orange puree to give a bright and juicy complement

Purple Haze - Sold Out (but back soon...)

 5.0% | 15 IBU

Blackberry - Raspberry - Full Bodied

American Wheat Ale blended with boysenberry puree, giving a beautiful purple colour in the glass and dark berry flavour



French Pale Lager

4.5% | 15 IBU

Light - Lemon - Red Berries

Dry hopped lager made with french malts and hops, light on alcohol but full on flavour

Golden Ale

4.5% | 25 IBU

Balanced - Crisp - Malty

Approachable ale made with 100% Alberta malt, great for craft beer beginners

New England IPA

5.8% | 40 IBU

Pineapple - Hazy - Grapefruit

Hazy and full bodied IPA made with wheat and oats to backbone a huge pineapple aroma from Idaho 7 hops

Dry Hopped Sour

3.6% | 5 IBU

Tropical - Acidic - Citrus

Tropical sour ale that is a great intro to the style. Dry hopped to keep minimal bitterness and maximum aroma

Irish Stout

4.3% | 25 IBU

Coffee - Chocolate - Full Bodied

Dark and full bodied ale with a creamy mouth feel but with a lower ABV as is tradition in Ireland



Amber Ale

5.0% | 30 IBU

Toffee - Caramel - Pine

Ruby red ale captures a toffee and caramel malt backbone with a blend of classic American hops

White Stout

6.5% | 40 IBU

Vanilla - Chocolate - Coffee

Golden ale cold steeped with coffee, cocoa, and vanilla to create a surprising dark flavor and complexity.